What does CBD Oil Taste Like?

So you want to try CBD oil but are worried about the bitter taste? Well, in this article we break down the taste of the oil as well as provide some valuable ways that the taste is masked in CBD products! 

CBD Taste

CBD naturally has a grassy/bitter flavor similar to taking a bite of dark chocolate. This bitterness is clearly not for everyone, including us at Alora. Though there is a minority that appreciates this taste, the majority looks for a different solution that provides a flavorful approach to the cannabinoid. This is why we introduced our mouthwatering tinctures that don't have this strong bitter taste. The flavor of the final product is affected by many factors, the main factor being the carrier oil used in the formulation.

Different Carrier Oils

When CBD is combined with a high-quality carrier oil, it often helps mask the bitter/earthy flavor associated with the cannabinoid. The most common carrier oils are:

  • Hemp Seed Oil - this oil taste quite nutty. It pairs well with dressings and dips.
  • MCT Oil - MCT oil has virtually no taste or smell. It doesn't affect the natural flavor of CBD or contrasts the flavor profiles that are mixed in our tinctures.
  • Olive Oil - this oil adds more earthy flavors to CBD, which some may enjoy.


By knowing what to expect with the flavor of CBD, you can make a much more informed decision on which oil to purchase. We recommend trying the flavored varieties as they provide just as much wellness, with a great taste.